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June 12, 2024 - June 17, 2024

Cabo Pulmo, Mexico

Reclaim Your Serenity

A 6 Day Retreat 

se·ren·i·ty /səˈrenədē/ 

the state of being calm, peaceful and unbothered.

Reconnect with your composure, harness powerful self-improvement techniques, and create your path to a more purpose-driven life. 

Inner Peace and Serenity

We'll work with you to RELEASE resistance trapped emotions and past traumas.

Holistic Integration Strategy

Learn how to integrate holistic techniques in your daily routines for REAL change


Powerful intention setting and roadmap development for clear path forward post retreat 


Gain a lifelong support system powered by individuals with unconventional growth mindsets 

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Want to finally release what is holding you back?

If you know you have untapped potential and want to harness it for a more fulfilling future it's time to re-evaluate your practices.


If you are successful but crave even greater excellence we have the keys to help you stay at the top of your game.

If you want to enhance your self care routines we can add to your toolbox as you deeply explore the profound impact it has on your overall wellbeing around like-minded individuals.

Our retreat is a no-brainer for anyone reaching for their next level of calm in order to reach their next level in life. 

We know how you feel

High performers: You're a high achiever in your endeavors, but you're constantly juggling multiple responsibilities. The  pressure to maintain your peak performance without sacrificing your wellbeing is tricky.

Seekers: you know you're capable of MORE, but you're not sure how to tap into your gold mine and unlock the vast possibilities in your life.

Self-care advocates: You understand the importance of self care, but get lost in the hustle and neglect it.


The BEST Way to Level Up

You Show up for Yourself at the Retreat 

Where we provide you with our tried and true strategies to manage stress, maintain your focus, and ensure you stay at the top of your game without burnout. 

You Join the Workshops 

And become equipped with the tools and insights you need to harness your strengths, set clear intentions, and move towards a more fulfilling and purpose-driven future.

You Find your Center 

Through reiki sessions, beach rejuvenation, sound baths,  healing foods, yoga, essential oil therapy and more. 

You've learned how to seamlessly incorporate self-care practices into your daily routine and benefit from the profound impact it has on your physical and emotional well-being allowing you to become the highest version of yourself. 

You Integrate 

1. You reclaim your serenity and find your core

2. Gain new tools and a clear path forward

3. Transform into your most elite form



Who This Event is For

  • You are striving to excel in your career, entrepreneurship, creative endeavors and personal life while managing stress.

  • You are eager to unlock your untapped potential and set clear life intentions.

  • You are interested in learning ways to incorporate new practices into your everyday routines and want to enhance your self care practices. 

  • You are a creative seeking inspiration and personal growth.

  • You are an athlete looking to enhance your mental and physical performance. 

  • You are an exec/ manager desiring better stress management and leadership skills.

  • You must be open minded and willing to explore ideas and methods outside of your programmed perceptions 


Who this Event is NOT for

  • You do not consider yourself a high performer and don't aspire to be. 

  • You are skeptical of anything outside traditional ways of thinking + excelling and are firmly set in your ways.  

  • You feel like you have no growing left to do in life.

  • You're facing urgent issues or critical life events that require immediate attention and intervention. The retreat is designed for personal growth, not crisis management.

  • You feel pressured or coerced into attending the retreat and lack genuine interest in its content and objectives. The retreat thrives when participants are enthusiastic and willing to engage.

  • You don't resonate with our mission.

"The And I Be Well team is unreal. I have had a group session with them and multiple private sessions and there is nothing like it. I would pick them in every lifetime. They're game changers" - Ronnie place holder  

Early Bird Tickets Increasing by $250 on December 1, 2023

+ Wellness workshops and experiences ex: reiki sessions, yoga, meditation, ceremonies essential oil classes & more

+ Intention setting strategy sessions, sound baths, reiki classes, and healing circles

+ Food and accommodation 

+Swag Bag with surprises 

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